Sunday, September 14, 2008


Happy Moon Gazing Festival!

I met Chris a few days ago and we were gossiping and stuff. I forgot how we got to the mooncake topic.. but here is how it goes..

Chris: Why don't you bake your own mooncake?
Me: Huh! soooo ma fan.. can buy mah.. furthermore i dun have the "tok tok" mold, how to bake?
Chirs: Go and buy lah!
Me: i dunno where to buy lor..
Chris: i think ^%$&%$ sells those "tok tok" molds
Me: eehh.. see first lah..

As expected, i didn't buy any mooncake molds.. First reason: it's bulky and i don't have any space for it. Second being plain laziness.. my lazy worms are multiplying like crazy.. but as you have already expected (if not why would i be blogging right?), me being me, i tried baking mooncakes, not the traditional ones, certainly not the snowskin and with no one crumb or trace of lotus seed paste. drumrolls please....

Meng ni's half yolk-yam paste-moonpuff.

Let me describe how i came up with the name.... drum rolls again please....

Half yolk: salted egg yolks are high in cholesterol and thus doesn't make it a very healthy makanan... and if i were to put a whole yolk in my moonpuff, it will no longer be the cute bite size festive food.. it'll be a cholesterol overloaded, humongous diet wrecker.

Yam paste: cold storage has ran out of lotus seed paste. but i guess it's a blessing in disguise, my home made yam paste is fat-free (well, not really but definitely healthier) and i can control the sweetness!

Moonpuff: i dun have the "tok tok" mold, so puff would be my answer.

Yeah! and so the half yolk-yam paste-moonpuff was born:) I think it's passable as a first attempt. Not so sweet, halal and diet friendly:) i should put a price tag to it man...

p/s. it's halal because instead of lard, i used vege shortening
p/p/s. i suggest buying salted eggs from the wet market, they seem to have a better (bright orange) colour than the ones u find in supermarkets. Mine was from the supermarkets, so some of them actually turned out yellow.. eeee.. no QC