Saturday, March 21, 2009

Yokoso Japan!

Well...Not that I'm going to Japan. ( FYI: I don't have the time, the $$ and the 'friend' to go with) The word 'Yokoso' just sprung up when i was thinking for a title for this post.

Anyways, i cooked probably my (most) favourite food whenever i visit a jap restaurant - Agedashi Tofu. It's surprisingingly simple and of high reproducibility with minimum TLC! It's great, really! And according to my mum, it's as good as those found in restaurants.. *dances with glee*

For this particular dish, all you need is Arrowroot powder - no seasoning or whatsoever needed. Only maybe the udonji/tsuyu sauce after you fry the tofu. A must try for all tofu lovers yah!!

Btw, I find no time cooking/baking since i started work.. and with so many documents to apply and collect.. my blog would probably be collecting dust for quite a while. BUT! I'll update as soon as i have the time!.. heehee~ have a good weekend!

Monday, March 9, 2009


i cooked some curry today. quite a healthy version with funghi(button mushrooms)as the main ingredient. The whole receipe is quite home-made (to a certain extent) as in i made the curry paste myself, and formed my own formula of spices to get my 'curry powder'.

It's quite easy. It's basically adding all your ingredients.. blend it to make ur curry paste. The rest... all up to your imagination. For my case, i sweat the the mushrooms abit, add the rest of the ingredients and finally my curry paste.. and Viola~ savoury mushroom curry (with roti prata as the side).
Come to think of it, it's great that i have the time to cook/bake anytime, anyday and anywhere i like NOW. But i guess my way of idling my time for the past 9months would probably take a new turn coming this 16th. I have plans.. but i'm not sure if i can stick to it. I have dreams.. but i'm not sure if i can make it true. I have flour.. but i'm not sure if i have the time and mood to bake. I have milk in my fridge, and it's expired.. bleah~