Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter frolic!


Did a little cookie deco for this christian festival celebrating the ressurection of Jesus.

Bed of Roses

More importantly, it looked better in my mind than the 'real' product. Hopefully, my skills of executing my idea can improve over time. But for now, i have to make do with what i came out with... *sigh*

I *Heart* U

And last but not least....

Breaking away from recession!

(you have to see it upside down) if u still dun get it.. well.. u're not alone:) Have a very Happy Easter to all of you!

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Tried baking some cookies over the weekend and it was a pleasant surprise that it turned out well:) BTW, I got the recipe from the "Golden book of pastries" the instructions were easy to follow and the ingredients were.. well.. easy to find in any baker's kitchen~

To me, the cookies looked kinda cute. Made me crave for Mac's burger for a minute there. Anyways, digressing a bit.. i MIGHT be going for a 10km race (not confirmed since i'm only on their waiting list) but i think i should train soon and maybe think of some pasta recipes for my carbo loading..(do they carbo load for 10k runs?)

oh well.. a few spaghetti won't kill the scale right??