Monday, November 2, 2009

Green with Envy

It's my off day today everybody~ Green with envy? No monday blues or whatsoever for this mademoiselle in the kitchen:)

Green tea tarik?!

I'm trying out green tea cheesecake today since i would be slacking anyways at home.. (probably going for a jog later in the evening.. or erm.. we'll see how it goes :p) keke~ Anyways, I've always have a packet of green tea powder in my cupboard, not only for brewing tea, it can also serve as a beauty treatment! I used it to make body masks for whitening and facial toner...also for whitening:).. and though it has no scientific prove, green tea has been claimed useful for weight loss management too! Cool huh!

Unlike other baked cheesecakes, chiffon cheesecakes has to be unmoulded immediately after baking or else it'll shrink. A LOT. Which explains why i'm feeling a little jittery now while waiting for the oven to make that 'tee tee tee' cry. Have i lost my touch after staying away from my Ice KitchenAid for the longest time?? Will i be greeted with a cracked, sunken, anything but green cheesecake?~ Oh.. 6 minutes to revealing time..

*6minutes later*


I frantically unmoulded the cake and i think it sank a little.. but it still looks pretty!! It's now sitting in my dining room slowly cooling from the exuberant heat from the oven.. Muahaha!!! Hope it'll taste okay.. *crosses fingers*

*and many more minutes later*

Yay! the cheesecake wasn't as high as the 101 tower. But! it's yum yum! Hehe~ and now.. for my 8.5K at east coast...awwwwwwww...lazy