Monday, December 29, 2008

Last Dinner of 2008

With friends that is...

Continuing with the busy busy month of December, I'm ending this month or this YEAR with a post-Christmas pre-New Year dinner at my place yesterday. I thought i could manage to finish preparing everything by 2pm BUT, apparently reality doesn't go as planned. One thing is the incredible huge loads of ingredients to prepare. You thought you've chopped up everything you need and when you turn around, you see a yellow post-it note that says you still have this much to slice and cube! OMG.. but on the brighter side, i was done preparing when the guests arrived.

I would say, the food turned out the way it's suppose to be on paper:) , but i think i should improve on the portion (of the food). REALLY. sorry guys for the uber diet-friendly meal:) keke~

And well, as much as i want to share pictures (well..maybe some:)) from the dinner and our gossips and how i chopped away my day with a knife, i really have to pack for my trip tonight.. HAHA! I.AM.SO.EXCITED.


Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Buttons

BUSY. One simple world and yet fully describes my last month of 2008. There's the canceling of my student pass (so i'm officially not a student now), Baby shower, Eric and other December babies' birthdays and not to mention the number of pre-Christmas 'Christmas parties' which also resulted in many failed diet attempts. It's pleasant with all the warm fuzzy feeling of togetherness.. but well.. it's one hectic month. I was planning ( and let me mention again "PLANNING") to make Christmas cookies, you know the ones that are decorated with colourful royal icing, shape with Christmas themed cookie cutters and whacked with edible glitters.. but well, there's JUST. NO. TIME.

Anyways, in my effort to at least update my blog a little (the choco cake had gotten it's fair share of attention) I've made cookies. *See the Title?* btw, it's just normal cookies shaped into buttons of multiple colours (got the idea from women's weekly) and since it's made in the Christmas month, no harm adding 'Christmas' to the title right.

So, to everyone reading this message! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! WOOHoo~

p/s. to all guests coming to my place on 28th, i'm still working on the's unbelievably nerve-racking can~