Monday, November 2, 2009

Green with Envy

It's my off day today everybody~ Green with envy? No monday blues or whatsoever for this mademoiselle in the kitchen:)

Green tea tarik?!

I'm trying out green tea cheesecake today since i would be slacking anyways at home.. (probably going for a jog later in the evening.. or erm.. we'll see how it goes :p) keke~ Anyways, I've always have a packet of green tea powder in my cupboard, not only for brewing tea, it can also serve as a beauty treatment! I used it to make body masks for whitening and facial toner...also for whitening:).. and though it has no scientific prove, green tea has been claimed useful for weight loss management too! Cool huh!

Unlike other baked cheesecakes, chiffon cheesecakes has to be unmoulded immediately after baking or else it'll shrink. A LOT. Which explains why i'm feeling a little jittery now while waiting for the oven to make that 'tee tee tee' cry. Have i lost my touch after staying away from my Ice KitchenAid for the longest time?? Will i be greeted with a cracked, sunken, anything but green cheesecake?~ Oh.. 6 minutes to revealing time..

*6minutes later*


I frantically unmoulded the cake and i think it sank a little.. but it still looks pretty!! It's now sitting in my dining room slowly cooling from the exuberant heat from the oven.. Muahaha!!! Hope it'll taste okay.. *crosses fingers*

*and many more minutes later*

Yay! the cheesecake wasn't as high as the 101 tower. But! it's yum yum! Hehe~ and now.. for my 8.5K at east coast...awwwwwwww...lazy

Monday, October 19, 2009


Let me check. The last post in my blog was in May and it's now October. OMG! i've officially neglected my blog for 5months... See how workaholic i can get? (kidding) Anyhoo, i got reminded of my blog recently and i thought i should be diligently updating SS again:)

Cream cornet bread from a mobile bread van

Oh well, I haven't been baking/cooking recently:) just a trip or 2 for the past few months. So i thought...i'll dedicate this late late post to my new found good good friends LL and Lynn.. they are my colleagues but are incontestably fun/crazy girls to be with:)

*pause* while i'm hunt-and-pecking.. a cake is being delivered for my dad's birthday. ;) how sweet of them.. Just in time for my post:) PHOTOS!

Fried rice in (lotus leaves?)

Pancake.. Huey style

And so.. back to my post.. I've just visited HCM, Vietnam recently and am still fresh from the experience. As usual, i'll blog about the food we had there. mMMm... I'm fine with what i had in HCM(i'm not sucha food-picker afterall) but i'm quite sure that's not the case for everyone. For instance, they like to use a kind of spice/herb -- i'm not sure.. in their dishes. and this spice/herb has this distinct taste that doesn't appeal to all diners.

My No.1 favourite there would be the french bread/baguette. Since vietnam has been under the french colonial in their history, vietnamese sure adore this (crispy on the outside and fluffy in the inside) grain product. YOU can find it everywhere, anytime of the day can!

their noodle dishes (not pho)

And we had their springrolls in rice paper:) it has "VIETNAM" written all over it! It's a must-try! Not that it's nice(it's fine).. it's like their trademark! just like you have to have hainanese chicken rice when you're in S'pore. And of cos WE had lotsa other foods.. foods we don't normally have.

Portugese Egg tart in KFC!

And i had freshly cooked coconut candy! It's super nice can! I'm really tempted to microwave or steam the candies i've bought.. wonder how it'll turn out to be...........

All in all , i really enjoyed my trip and am looking forward to the next one! oooohhhh~ but for now.. back to work.

Big Big POW!

Elephant Fish (we wrapped in rice paper after this pic was taken)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Day of good stuff:)

*Just a short entry to sweep the dust off my nearly ignored blog.*

Baked Oreo-oreo cheesecake for a mahjong House visit to MH's crib. The cake didn't turn out the way i want it to be, but ALAS! everything was too late. Me being me, couldn't wait long enough for the cake to cool before shoving it into the fridge.. and what's the outcome?? CRACKS... those thunderbolt-like splittings on the cake just make everything all so NOT right.

Well.. enough of the cracked cheesecake. MH made green bean AND red bean soup! talk about efficiency! and both tasted oh soooooo good:) p.s. and she say it's her first time preparing the red bean soup.. (some people are just born talented <-- that i must agree) hee:) oooh.. and since i was so drawn into my 东南西北 i've completely forgotten to take pictures of the ying and yang... (maybe i'll ask her for pics :P)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Mont Blanc

This month, i decided to take part in Rosie & Maria's Sweet N Simple Bakes monthly event - Vanilla Cupcakes. I 'think' if i can recall clearly, the first ever 'bakes' that i've baked was vanilla cupcakes, credits to my mum's recipe.. well, it's not any secret recipe, in fact, it's a very easy to follow list of vanilla cupcakes instructions.

As it turn out, i filled the cupcake cups too high up and the batter actually overflowed while baking, forming an elephant trunk-like structure. Nevertheless, it's still edible and i brought it over to Nani's place:) Since, at that time, we were at the period of kitchen testing age, nani suggested that we bake ANOTHER batch of cupcakes.. and yesh... we continued to bake cupcakes for the rest of the week....muahahaha.. cute..

For this 'batch of cupcakes, i made meringue for the frosting instead of butter cream.. because simply... i ran out of buttter.. heeeeee... the product, being quite plain and colourless HAS TO BE DECORATED!.

So, in my effort to add some colours to it.. i dyed some pasta letters and stuck it to my cupcakes... keke.. cheating i know... but.. pretty!

So that concludes my entry for SASB's monthly event. Do visit their blog to see other pretty cupcakes:) CIAO~