Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Coconut kisses

Poof! I'm gone, back, gone again,back again, clocked a total of 600hrs of tv and gulped down 10kg of fats and here i am, ?? kg fatter (i'm trying very hard to shed some weight btw) just before my GRADUATION DAY AND DINNER.. yah, i think i'll look great in the pictures *in denial*

Anyways, to celebrate my convo in 2 days time, i've baked some coconut cupcakes. I do remember i've pre-celebrated ??-times, but i guess it's time for me to add new entries to my dust-collecting blog.. keke~

It rose just perfectly, i had to take a picture

Lets digress.. I've been practicing throwing my mortarboard at home, trying to achieve the perfect projectile. Btw are you suppose to catch it or let it fall to the ground after you throw it huh? i dunno, maybe the better i throw it the faster i'll find a job? Like the better you throw your loose tooth up the roof the better the next one will grow? HAHA~ anyways, i think the happiest bunch of people will still be my parents, i can already picture a tear drop flowing down my father's cheeks and he'll be mumbling to himself "I'm so glad that i don't have to pay for my ever money-leeching daughter's school fees again" and at this very moment, i'll run up to him "Pa, can you register a no-limit supplement card for me so that i can buy the Birkin Bag?" haha, kidding lah.... maybe the MIU MIU bag/dress? keke~

Hai.. no more bags until i find a job man..

Back to my coconut kisses.. i got the recipe when i was in hong kong, its a big book of all meng ni's favourite things! but nothing goes perfectly, i totally destroyed my white chocolate ganache.. damn.. i think i whipped it for too long and it starts to split..and i have to throw everything away, what a WASTE! Oh! and i couldn't find coconut essence anywhere, so i used coconut cream powder instead. The cupcake itself wasn't bad, but it can look prettier if i had those GANACHE! damn..

i can take pictures, if only i can fully understand how to use photoshop

To end this, meng ni is goin to hong kong again on the 15th, i've taken lots of orders to buy SKIIs, cosmetics, branded stuff and such. Please call me if you need anything from hong kong (not too heavy please). And because R.Federer lost the Wimbledon (i stayed up all night to watch) meng ni is not in a very good mood and i've been goin yoga (to calm down) alone these days because our dear christine sprained her poor back (i though it only happens to old people). My regards to you dear, my not very young friend.. give me a call when u're better and we can go yoga together and watch our fats dissolve away *trance mode*

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Eric said...

Congratualation on your graduation!! After 4 years of sleeping with chemicals, you are now.... unemployed...haha.. soon to be hired la..