Saturday, November 8, 2008

Time Machine

Felt a sudden nostalgia for the warm hometown of mine this morning.. Ever had something when you're young and you can't seem to find them now? well i have.. A LOT. Where i came from, according to many Singaporeans, can be considered a kampong.. and there are just so many foods that i want to taste again but can never find them in Singapore! Like the agar agar made by the auntie next door or buy breads from mobile vendors that tour the neighbourhood in the evening. I craved for my mum's (and friends') lunchboxes that were prepared for me on schooldays. Though they are not fancily decorated or have gazillion kinds of eats squeezed into one metal box, i still miss them..

Malt sugar cracker sandwich

I guess it's the simplicity and the blissfulness that i was hankering for. Y

1 comment:

Eric said...

simplicity is beauty. Looks good, never got to try. nevertheless... keep it up!