Thursday, January 22, 2009

Chinese New Year Treats

It's Chinese New Year! to meng, CNY is the time where you have free flow of gassy drinks, tons of pineapple tarts and when red is the new black. No more LBD.. more of RO.. (Red Overalls). OH! and other than the red packets (aka ang bao) there's also the CNY treats! I've made a few chocolate cookies for this festive season.

The first is the choc cookie with dark choc spread, sprinkled with hundreds and thousands.. so sweet, so cute.. (targeting the kids)

Followed by marshmallow and raspberry jam sandwiched between choc cookies and finally dipped in flowy creamy choc. sinful sinful.. but nothing sould be healthy on CNY.. keke..

Lastly choc mud cake sandwiched again between choc cookies. it's my fav btw, it's very chocolatey but not as heavy.

It's been a long day with all the chocolate melting and shopping with Christine. I need a rest.. but I'm goin to make more CNY treats soon and this time it'll be choc-free:)

p/s. I've just found out that the pair of heels i got from Zara is both of the same side (right foot). OH NO! They clearly reminded me that there'll be no exchange/refund watsoever. I hope they will let me change one shoe :(


chrisXcross said...

OH NO! are u going to change the shoes today? jialat!

mengni said...

heng ah.. can can.. change already.. keke~

Eric said...

heehee... i love the chocolate with mashmallow ones. My first time eating such combination. Very nice.~~

Nate-n-Annie said...

Happy Niu Year!

Sharon said...

Oh my gosh, yum!

arashigoldenboy said...