Monday, February 9, 2009

What's in your Bread Basket?

baseball in the form of banana bread

I've been experimenting with breads recently.. i still can't capture the "essence" of proofing.. so i tried recipes without yeast. Then again, things just don't happen the way i want it to be. One of the recipes i tried was using yogurt, cream and baking soda as the 'fluffing' agent. But the bread turned out hard and still HARD! (it can double as a baseball and make a hole in the wall if i want to..) well.. but i need to confess, the recipe states that if the bread is too hard add more cream/milk, but i find it really beyond impossible to shape the dough after adding all the liquid ingredients. And so i threw the recipe out of the window

Green Tea Bread

BUT! *with grin* i've found a method of bread baking called 65˚C 汤种-tāng zhŏng-. It's fantastic! the bread turned out fluffy, it's almost fool proof and most importantly there's no yeasty taste. I Y it!

Green Tea Bread-Tearing

Anyways, with the 汤种 i baked cinnamon roll and green tea bread.. muahaha~ and i was so very satisfied with the results.. SIMPLY EXCELLENT! I'm goin to bake more breads in the near future.. simply because i still need to fine (/major) tune my technique of bread baking..

Scurries to my 面包宝典 (Book of 'BREAD' War)

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Eric said...

yeah~ thank god you have found the way to eliminate the yeast taste. So can I have my warm bread and milk for breakfast in the future?