Saturday, March 21, 2009

Yokoso Japan!

Well...Not that I'm going to Japan. ( FYI: I don't have the time, the $$ and the 'friend' to go with) The word 'Yokoso' just sprung up when i was thinking for a title for this post.

Anyways, i cooked probably my (most) favourite food whenever i visit a jap restaurant - Agedashi Tofu. It's surprisingingly simple and of high reproducibility with minimum TLC! It's great, really! And according to my mum, it's as good as those found in restaurants.. *dances with glee*

For this particular dish, all you need is Arrowroot powder - no seasoning or whatsoever needed. Only maybe the udonji/tsuyu sauce after you fry the tofu. A must try for all tofu lovers yah!!

Btw, I find no time cooking/baking since i started work.. and with so many documents to apply and collect.. my blog would probably be collecting dust for quite a while. BUT! I'll update as soon as i have the time!.. heehee~ have a good weekend!

1 comment:

Eric said...

oiishi! eatinig the agedashi tofu is just like eating in a restaurant. What a good starter..