Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hong Kong GO!GO!GO! - Ananas comosus.. what?

Yes.. I'm messy most of the time, but it's sparkling clean now!:D

More commonly known as PINEAPPLE (ananas comosus is it's binomial name). This fruit has more benefits than what the humbler potions of society (like me) knows. I had the most pineapple during my final year, all thanks to Huifang. "Pineapples can help to loose weight!" as i quote. What happens next is totally predictable. We had pineapples practically everyday during lunch, and they are all honey pineapples, the way the pineapple guru prefers!

And that's not all.. my second pineapple guru says that pineapple helps to ease cramps during girls' MC. She mentioned other "perks" but my brain retains information selectively. So if anyone is interested, go to christine.. she did a project on it. (the 2nd pineapple guru)

So much on pineapple but it wasn't brought into play today. HAHA! Perhaps the name? Polo bao otherwise known as pineapple buns don't seem to incorporate pineapple in its recipe in anyway. Conceivably it's called that way because it has the pattern of the pineapple peel? hmmm.. sounds convincing yah?

It doesn't look very nice yah? i should try harder next time!

If you haven't known, meng ni is back from hong kong! and brought back a few of the local cakes/desserts/dim sum recipe! And polo bao is the 1st. I'm not a big fan of polo bao until i tried the ones in sai kung! it's simply delicious!!!! The first bite is the crucial moment in time, your teeth will first break the crusty crust and starts sinking in to the fluffly bread.. and then u can just gobble everything down.. goes really well with their milk tea by the way.. HAHA! i didn't take any picture of the bakery, because i was busy queing for the bun obviously. Anyways, you won't miss it if you go to sai kung, it's the only bakery that has a que! there are 2 directions to sai kung. you can either take the mtr to caihong (rainbow station) and then take a minibus that has the saikung name on it to saikung. Or for my case, i took the minibus from mongkok near fife street, same thing, the minibus will have saikung on it so please use your eyeballs at all times and ask ard if you need to. *end*

Anyways, am back to Singapore and i have this long list of 'things to do'. Galdly, one of it is 25% done. it's always hard to plan a trip with Deuterated Tungsten and Tungphorus (a tungsten and phosphorus alloy that i made up).. names were kept secret to avoid conflicts hehehe.. anyways, it always start with everyone excited about the trip.. then somehow something happens, and the trip will look 90% dead. At this point, tocopherol and ascotrium (a drug that has L-ascorbate and Yttrium that i made up again) will jump in and do CPR to the 90% dead trip and make it breathing again! YAY! Meng ni is goin on a trip again!! ♪♫

Yah i know it doesn't make any sense, i'm bored and feeling lame...haha~ Ciao!

p/s: i just realized i left something with christine, something i hold very dear to me, something that is close to my heart...eeeee.. sounds lesbiany.. eh! give me back leh!

p/p/s: ONG LAI! may the polo bao bless my mj games to come.. pls pls pls pls pls


Christine said...

ah hem!

Your lesbian partner is sitting in my wardrobe, waiting to rot!

you better collect it soon ah!

By the way, the other myth about pineapples is that it can induce miscarriage. In case your brain cannot retain the info again...

Eric said...

wah...then better not let mengni eat the polo bao anymore. Haha... i can eat more of it then. I ate it right from the oven and it was damn nice. Too bad only limited bao were available. Can't wait for my soup