Thursday, August 28, 2008

Say "Apple Cheese"!

Another bake before i leave for Bali. This is quite a peculiar recipe to me at first- Apple Cheese Pie. As much as i wanted to try to bake that cheesy pie, I was worried that instead of a yummy old cottage style, it would turn out to be a RUINED apple pie. So when in doubt, search Wiki! Yes, i totally dig that website, it brings forth everything you need to know! who needs an encyclopedia? But a friend of mine, i forgot who, told me that the website has some false information regarding I-can't-remember. Hee:)

Anyways, a click on Wikipedia, shows that cheesy pie is actually a very very old recipe! And Apple Cheese Pie a has a proper name-Yorkshire Apple Pie (just Like apple pie with ice-cream is called apple pie ala mode.) Cool! So even if i didn't like the weird cheese with apple combination, i know, somewhere in the world, the English, would like those pies! Heehee! so excited (btw, i'm blogging while my pie is burning in the oven. good use of waiting time i would say)

Digressing. I tried baking chiffon cake yesterday. But it didn't turn out the way i expected.. it's short and stout. and it's so densed that i thought i'm eating sponge cake rather than chiffon.. Any tips?! Maybe i should try again when i'm back. NEVER SAY DIE!

And finally, (drumrolls please..)

The pie turns out quite flavourful. It certainly doesn't taste like the traditional apple pie.. it's good! This recipe is worth a try. It's tedious and simple at the same time.. it requires a couple of bakes(blind-baking, bake with filling, final crust bake) that's the tedious part. Other than that, the ingredients are easy to find and prepare! just make the dough and lay the flan a day before and everything will be done in an hour the next day. :) Bali! Saya akan datang!


Eric said...

how come i never get to try this time?

Eric said...

when u coming back to cook for me again??