Friday, August 8, 2008

Mediterranean Fish Soup

As requested by dear eric, this entry will be on SOUP! *He thinks he's in a restaurant and started ordering different kinds of soups* <-- SIAO! so we settled with Mediterranean fish soup (MFS) first. No butter/cream/milk was used in MFS, so i guess it's kinda healthy. Went to check online and yes.. a regular serving is less that 300kcal~ can act as a meal for me since i'm on a serious diet.

IMPT! I just found out that Ceasar salad is not as "low fat" as i think. Besides, i splash lots of dressing to my salads because it's impossible for me to choke down dry mélange... so, i'll order less of ceasar now~

Back to my soup, it's mediterranean.. duh!, so definitely not something my dad will like (he likes local stuff like wanton mee, bak kut teh, ..., ..., ...) but he still tried the soup

Dad: Good! very nice! will taste better with chilli! (it's a tomato based soup)
Me: *Runs to get sambal*
Dad:*Adds sambal* get me some limes
Me:*Runs to cut limes*
Dad:*Adds lime* wah! very nice! taste like thai soup!

Anyway.. taste good then okay lah.. be it mediterranean or thai~ nice can liao. hee:)

i can't wait for Beijing Olympics Open Ceremony to START!!

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Eric said...

your father said it's good with chilli, i say it's good w/o chilli... then it must be really gooddd... fish is very tasty with the capers =)