Friday, May 30, 2008

10 things to do in Switzerland...

yay~ just back from my trip and i'm missing the long coach rides, the below average european-chinese food(not really) and the scorching sun during the last two days in Rome!(definitely lying).. Anyways.. Europe is FUN FUN FUN! i didn't go to many countries in Europe but Switzerland and Italy is really 2 great places to visit! Italy was more of the shopping haven.. so i shall just blab on my Switzerland trip... Here are the things Meng Ni recommends when u're in Switzerland!

1. Chocolate shopping!

just look at how pretty they are..

wah lau.. chocolates damn nice lah... dunno what they feed their cows or how they grow their cocoa trees man.. i was popping chocolates every now and then.. and before i know it.. i finished two boxes of chocs that was meant for chris and nani.. muahaha~ sorry gals~ the pralines were calling out to me! i can converse with the chcocolates!! Anyway.. i went to Läderach .. according to my mum.. it's a famous and good-quality brand.. and yesh.. their chocs are really good..

2. Swiss-made Watch shopping

i didn't get any watches while i was there.. But without doubt, the swiss watch is suppose to cost a lot a lot less there.. brands like Rolex, Longines, Audemars Piguet .. still cost a bomb over there.. maybe a few hundreds cheaper? Anyways.. i was more interested in chocs, so i had not set aside money for the time pieces. i bought a swiss knife though.. with the least significance in my shopping list.. and i still got it.. because it has this cute little swarovski's crystal on it and more imporatantly i can't stand watching eric shop without spending some money myself... i gave it a cute engraving too~~

3. Visit Jungfrau.. Top of Europe

Highest mountain in Switzerland. or rather in the whole of Europe! i got to Jungfraujoch.. i think i would have to trek to the top to reach Jungfrau.. damn the scenery is nice.. breathtaking.. literally.. because the air is thinner up there. HAHA! Taking its tram up cost around 175 Fr. if u have the Euro pass. it'll be 110Fr. yep.. it's not cheap but definitely worth the $$.. how often can u be at the highest point in Europe right? unless u're on the plane...keke

4. Cheese fondue anyone?

Cheese fondue

For those who can't stand the smell of cheese.. my condolences to u.. it's sooo nice lah.. to me.. but i've heard many people didn't like the cheese fondue.. but should at least try right.. local food leh!! cannot have laksa and chiken rice everyday also mah...

5. Titisee aka "Black Forest"

It's not in Switzerland but it's next to Switzerland in Germany.. it's aka the black forest.. and guess what they are famous for.. black forest cake!! yum yum.. they are damn good man..and i tried their white choc drink!! nothing like the normal hot choc u get.. it's really nice and more refreshing.. i carried a whole tub of white choc powder back... do visit my place for some really good self-made choc drink.. heehee:)

6. Local food...

We actually visited this restaurant next to the casino in Switzerland... it's cheaper then what u get from other restarants.. and it's local food!! nice nice.. yum yum.. we actually saw the exact same menu in the hotel restaurant we stayed in that night.. damn costs twice as much leh.. and i don't think they are any nicer lor.. so do visit this restaurant if u're near the casino.. u may even try ur luck and win back ur trip's spendings!

7. Their bakeries

wah~ all their bakeries are excellent! i tried this ball like churros on my way back to the hotel in Zermatt.. lip-smacking.. i can't really remember it's name.. start with Q-something.. it looks like the banana bomb but definitely better than a banana bomb.. should try lor.. damn nice.. it's not heavy on the taste, i can actually munch down another 5 more balls if i'm back there now.

8.Cheap food

There's no cheap food there.. so u can forget about it.. if u're considereing fast food.. please don't! Mac meal is 12~13Fr. which is around SGD15? and u'll need to pay for their ketchup and other sauces. Sigh.. why not top up a few more dollars and have some nice local food/chocs/cheese man..

9.Bucherie at Berne

We (Eric et moi) were happily strolling when we saw this nice little house that has the name "Bucherie" on it.. it's french but i really couldn't recall what it meant.. anyways.. we thought it was some butcher thing and thought we could get salami or something. Turns out that it's a restaurant and when you open their main door you will be welcomed by a wall full of awards. We didn't get to lunch there which i pretty much regret now(the coach was waiting for us).. Anyways... i'm still very very very curious of that place.. anyone visiting switz soon? go there and tell me how is the food can?!

10. Visit your friend who is studying/staying/married there

Rory and Eric

muahaha~ yep.. our good old friend all the way from sec sch.. RORY.. with that.. let's have a minute of silence for the demise of eric's camera.. may it rest in peace.. Amen...

i just realized my blog for swiss is 80% on food.. i like to eat! which explains my never thin size..everytime i succeed in a diet/exercise scheme i'll balloon right after.. anyways.. eating is fun and being hungry is definitely not a nice experience.. with that in mind.. let's not forget about out fellow chinese in sichuan and please do whatever we can do to help.. donating money can help the associations to get more maggie mees.. or if u would prefer.. u can donate can-foods.. Here


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my chocolates!!!!!!!!!!


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think you should give italy a chance to show off their pasta and coffee. Their wonderful pizza too!!