Friday, May 16, 2008


One last post before i fly all the way to another continent!! "Daifuku" otherwise known as XL mochi.. Easy to make and delectable! The Strawberries that i used were a teeny sour though, but it is completely covered by the sweetness of the red bean paste! Damn! i'm sooo getting fat with the constant attempts to make fattening foods..

Anyways.. Daifuku are selling at $2~$3 at japanese cafes/supermarkets like ISETAN. In my opinion.. it's way to expensive for a japanese confection that uses cheap ingredients and have relatively fast preparation time.. so i would suggest making daifuku yourself to go with your afternoon tea/coffee? Best if you have girlfriends coming.. it's sweet, presentable and definitely yummy when eaten fresh!..

Oh! a side note.. Marsudi/Max/Mitch (he has many many identities.. i suggest asking him personally.. it's very funny *laughing while typing*..) made a pasta appetizer this morning for xuexin, eric, himself and of cos meng ni! Seriously it's really good, it's healthy, tasty and presentable.. my camera went flat when i reach his place.. so photos of his creation will only be updated after i return from my trip or if marsudi/max/mitch decides to email me the photos straight away.. like this millisecond!

Okay back to MY daifuku..

Daifuku were originally called Harabuto mochi (belly thick rice cake) because of its filling nature. Later the name was changed to Daifuku mochi (big belly rice cake). Since the pronunciation of Fuku (belly) and Fuku (luck) is the same in Japanese, the name was further changed to Daifuku mochi (great luck rice cake), a bringer of good luck. By the end of 18th century, Daifuku were gaining popularity and people began eating them toasted. They were also used for gifts in ceremonial occasions.

This is the perfect snack to make before i board the plane later tonight.. i sure need lotsa luck! Bon voyage to myself! And Now.. I shall pack my luggage.. i've learnt the art of last minute packing from our dear Jeannie BTW.. Credits to you gal!!

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