Sunday, May 4, 2008

Bdae Cakee

yeah~ BIRTHDAY CAKE for my cousin. Happy birthday GIO! and let's not forget our dear christine's birthday too~ we were havocking last night.. spending our $$ on alcohol that seems never to end.. BUT we all enjoyed ourselves i guess:) It's also the first time i visited clinic at clarke quay.. eh.. didn't turn out the way i thought it would be.. it's just another pub with funny "containers". Anyways.. we continued the night @ dlO ( i think that's what i saw) .. okay.. we did have lotsa of drinks~ but i was still sober enough to wash my face and do the daily routine of toner, lotion, essence and eye cream.. wah~ i think i'm good! peng san after that..

So woke up real early the next day (or the same morning) to bake my favourite little cousin a birthday cake.. it didn't turn out the way i designed it to be in my head.. probably due to the still high alcoholic content in my blood.. i can't seem to cut a perfect square! DAMN!

*side view*

I made choc cake btw and covered it with marshmallow fondaunt.. did a little decoration.. my target was to make it as sweet as possible.. BUT! it still didn't turn out the way i wanted it to be. i wanted to add more colours to it.. but was too lazy and tired to knead in other colours..(yesh i'm sluggish the whole morning) muahhaha~ I did give her some fondaunt to play with.. and she did.. shaped something out.. *please scroll down*

We had fun, and a terrible headache..

So i'm now here blogging on my lastest creation.. not fantastic to me.. i need more birthdays to practice my deco skills! And i really need that collagen drink from shufang to compensate my skin from that crazy nite :(

Gio's Prof. Teddy

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