Friday, May 9, 2008

L'heureux Fleur

Oui. L'heureux Fleur, a direct translation would be " The Happy/Fortunate Flower" LHF, if read carefully, has the same initials as Liang Huifang! muahhaha~ Happy Birthday girl! This cake is named after you! (pardon the tacky name.. that's the best i could come up with my very very rusty french.)

My original plan was: bake the cake (it's actually an angel food cake) in the morning and deliver it to HF somewhat in the afternoon.. BUT! guess what! my first batch literally went down the dustbin!.

1. It tasted "Bluh-eeeeeh"
2. It's not edible even if i dip the whole cake in a pool of chocolate.. nothing can save it!

so having done a year long project, it has really taught us "STUDENTS" (not free labor) to understand why the reaction fails in the first place..

So i went back and tasted all my ingredients and it was obvious.. it's the cream of tartar.. with a closer look.. it has long expired.. 2 years to be exact.. and it was bought just THIS AFTERNOON from the minimart! what the ****! i should have suspected it when the plastic tab was broken when i first used it.. *sigh* i felt so stupid.. if only my brain could process what i saw faster then i wouldn't have wasted all the effort and time..

And VOILA! no surprise for dear HF.. muahha~ i continued to slack till late late evening when i decided to make a trip to parkway to get my fresh batch of cream of tartar.. and there~ the angel food cake aka "L'heureux fleur" done and out of the oven at 9pm singapore time, and the next scene is meng ni gorging down the pretty and "un-bluh-eehh" creation.. sorry HF~ you can imagine and lick the cake off from your screen. It was too late to look for you after all the bluh-ehhing

p/s. don't worry huifang, i have another gift for you that i think you will prefer MORE than the bluh-ehh cake..

p/p/s. dear chris, i've uploaded ur bdae pics by the time you see this msg, i know i'm a slow poke, but u must understand that i'm not as tall as you and thus have shorter legs than urs. it'll take me 1.2X the time needed for an average person..heehee:)


chrisXcross said...

eh, the photos super tak glam!!!! omg my xing2 xiang4 all destroyed hahaha. but anyway, nice cake there~ When will I ever get to taste your creation(s)apart from the brownies huh? =D

mengni said...

when u come my house?!?! we very long nvr meet up for mj liao leh.. i shall jio all of u after both of our long anticipated trip k~ see you in the airport!

*cherish and treasure* said...

the cake looks pretty.. i tried to lick it from the screen but some dust got stuck on my tongue.. haha.. anyway, the thought is just sweet.. anyway, the graduation dinner is 20th july is it? hahaha.. this is what i heard.. haiz.. no news de leh..

Anonymous said...

Man U Rawkzzz!!!

No more new projects? You lazy bum bum...