Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love Is In the Air

Love is in the air~~ ooo~~ Love is in the air~~ YYYYYY

V-day! The day when the significant other and myself decide not to eat out and let wily restaurateurs break into our purses.. keke~ He's goin to cook! UCOOK! FYI for the third year in a row. I can still remember the very first time he cooked for moi.

~He decided to prepare steak~

E: *looking excited* MN! How would you like your steak?
Me: Like as if i say i want 'medium' u'll give me 'medium' like that..
E: HEY! Don't look down on me K!
Me: Okay then... I'll have 'medium well'..
~After 10 minutes~

Me:*trying to cut thru a very well-well-done steak* \(m--)m

I'm NOT complaining! really. In fact i'm glad that he's the way he is because he will on no grounds (ever) to criticise MY cooking..hehe

OOO! and i made chocolate truffles for V-Day btw. Earl grey and Green tea. Just so happen to find the 2 Teas in the kitchen.. why not right:) I'm not a big fan of Earl grey.. but green tea?! not bad:) sounds healthier too~ ( i don't know why it sounds healthier to me. I'm not making sense anyway)

Anyways. Happy V-day to all! may all couples and couple-to-bes have a wonderful wonderful Valentines DAY!


V-day msg: dear xx, when are you goin to make it official with xxx?!?! (Ignore msg if you're not xx)

UPDATE! : Dinner prepared by Eric

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