Saturday, February 28, 2009


I am joining this bread baking event hosted by Lien where i am supposed to bake bread with potatoes in the recipe. And since i'm so into TANG ZHONG recently, of cos i'll use this time and tide to test the technique again..

And so! i have to think of a recipe that is bread with potatoes in them (and think of a name for it.) The first part was easy but name? I ran out of creative nomenclatures so why not something that's straight to the point right? HA! BREAD+POTATOES

My version of THE Potatobread, like the name suggests, is not as creative and may even be rather unadorned. The skeleton of my creation is mashed potatoes wrap in bread dough. Though the simplicity, i'm really beginning to like the product of using the tang zhong technique! my bread always comes out soft and yeast-taste-free. 99.99% fool proof guaranteed?

i've added parmesan cheese to my mashed up potato instead of adding salt to give it more taste. and the outcome? to me, NOT BAD AT ALL! haha~

so much on bread baking.. in fact, after browsing my past blog entries, i think i've only been 1.baking and 2.baking.. maybe it's time to use the stove again:)


Bread dough
95g bread flour
45g wheat flour
3g yeast
3g salt
15g castor sugar
6g milk powder
1 egg
30g milk
43g tang zhong
23g unsalted butter

Mashed Potatoes
250g potatoes
50g butter
1tbsp chopped coriander
black pepper
3tbsp parmesan


Bread dough
1. Add all ingredients except butter and knead until dough consistency
2. Add butter and knead until membrane stage.
3. Put dough in a plastic bag with a little oilive oil and let proof for ~40mins
4. After first stage proofing, remove dough, knead for a couple of times, cut dough into portions and let proof for another 40mins

Mashed Potatoes
1. Steam potatoes until soft and mash the cooked potatoes
2. Add the butter and continue until will mixed
3. Add the rest of the ingredients and MIX!
Wrap mashed potatoes in flattened dough and shape well. cut a cross on the top of the bun and add parmesan cheese. egg wash and put in oven(lower rack) at 180 C for 15mins:)


Eric said...

well done. fantastic pre-running snacks for runners. the potatoe gives me energy for my training runs. taste good too!~ should recommend this recipe to runner's

Lien said...

These rolls look fantastic, thank you so much for entering them in BBD#17. I haven't heard of this tang zhong method, do you make that yourself with flour and hot water? I find this very interesting!

mengni said...

Lien- yes! it's cooking flour with water till 65C. Easy to make an it can be stored for future bakes:)

Eric- yah.. when i'm goin for my first 10K, I'll bake this everyday then..

Eric said...

yeah... can't wait.

zorra said...

These rolls look stunning. I want to try the tang zhong technique since a long time.

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Very interesting technique.
Gorgeous rolls!!

mengni said...

Zorra - thanks:) do try the technique. you won't be disappointed.

MyKitchenInHalfCups - thank you for your comment:)

scraps said...

sounds different, your rolls look amazing! I like the idea of adding the cheese.