Monday, February 16, 2009

Public Display of Affection

It's our third year into the relationship, and yes, our anniversary is just 2 days after V-day. In fact I have friends telling me that it's very smart of me (in a way)

So! After Eric's dinner - prepared with love. We're are going to somewhere posh (or i deem likely) to have our 3rd year anniversary dinner--Le Petit Salut located at Dempsey. I'm so looking forward to it:) I'm goin to get loaded with expensive calories! YaY!

But as much as the title is concerned, i'm not much of the person who parades PDA. I'm too shy to flaunt my feelings on the world-wide-web.. soooo...

a little something i've prepared..

Happy Anniversary~


arashigoldenboy said...

hahaha.. they are really cute.. I am sure your bf loves the present a lot right?

Eric said...

changes... the name of the restaurant is Au Petit Salut. I hope they offer me a complimentary dinner with this advertisement.

mengni said...

Eric- okay... Au Petit Salut

Arashigoldenboy- Thanks:) i hope he did