Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Power Curry Puff!

Yeah~ It's curry puff day. Was preparing to make curry puffs since adeline and jeannie intended to come my house.. But, it was cancelled.. Anyways, since my relatives from bali are arriving today, i went ahead with the puff plan :) Went shopping this morning alone, since my mum is enjoying herself somewhere else..

I targeted the vege section first, but i couldn't find my POTATOES! (somehow they've changed the layout at GIANT, making it very hard for my to find anything) but, how big can the supermarket be right, i finally found my potatoes and i thought i saw "USA Budget Potato".. why would they want to budget their potatoes??? i thought it's the rice that is depleting?? anyway with a closer look, it turns out to be "Russet" not "Budget" haha~ (can go have a look if u have nothing else to do..) Hmmm.. so I got my potatoes and the rest of the ingredients and headed home-->
I'm waiting to be fried!!

I was struggling whether to make my own or buy the ready made puff pastry. *Meng Ni looks at her schedule(blank) and decides to make her own!* So.. more kneading and Ta dah! unfried curry puff in no time~ Actually, it took a while lah... cos i was carefully pinching and shaping the sides of the puff CAREFULLY. *Please eyeball up by 3 degrees* looks okay right..

The rest was easy.. heat oil > drop puff > fry puff > drain oil.

Look at my golden skin~

Remember Singapore's government encourage their people to prepare more potato based dishes in place of rice? I think they should get me to be their ambassador.. muahaha~ only that it's a bit unhealthy...

It was easy and fast to make (fast if i can *pinch* the sides faster) so.. good for picnic parties i guess..:) Now i need to pick up my relatives.. Happy puffing!


*cherish and treasure* said...

the puffs look quite nice.. especially the sides of the puff.. it looks yummy.. does it taste good?

btw, while u r making ur puff.. i m having my exams.. =(

mengni said...

the taste ah.. not as good as old chang kee bah~ need to add more flavour..

And though it's too late.. good luck to ur exams.. hopefully the marker was feeling sleepy and gave ur paper full marks!!

HC said...

Woah,pretty Puffy.I see that you have been doing quite a lot of cooking there,impressive!=)