Sunday, April 20, 2008

In favor of Curry Flavour *\(^-^)/*

Weekend! It's the time of the week that I can relax, think of nothing and sink into my newly arrived tilam. BUT some lecturer/"new" prof decided to give us an assignment to do--> a review on some organometallic stuff that i really really really have no interest in doing.. (did i mention it must be AT LEAST 10 pages long?) *rolling my eyes* So why did I take that module in the first place? * think.. think.. think..* Ahhh.... That's because Chris is taking and Meng Ni being a super duper "good" friend can't possibly let her take that mod alone right. (yah right.... more like I don't want to take any other mod alone)

Anyways, i was flipping thru my big box of lecture notes and unexpectedly, i found a cookbook! It's hamlyn all colour cookbook-200 curries by Sunil Vijayar. Flipping thru the pages. i've decided. I'm making curry today. Chicken Kofta Curry to be exact.

Chicken meatballs:) they're a little big though

I always like curries. Jap, Indian and especially my mum's! yumyum. *drooling while stirring in the curry paste* But fear not, the curry was not contaminated.

* Please shift ur eyeballs up by 3 degrees * And my morning's hardwork! (can anyone teach me how to make superscripts?) HAHA~ but this is not the end. Everyone knows that we can't have curry all by it's own. So i made naan to go with my curry - from scratch. Note: they are not the ones that you can buy from cold storage, they're a teeny bit salty to me.

It's a plain naan. I think i should make it flatter. But if anyone want's to try. It's really simple:) I used self raising flour, butter, salt, sugar and milk. Done. But I became all nostalgic when i was rubbing the butter in, i thought of the days in Broadrick home econs class. I think we were making pizza crust or something, that's when i first tried to rub butter into flour, i can still remember caroline, charmaine, lilyana (deb wasn't in our econs group) and we were all happily rubbing the butter in.. Ahhhh.. those days...

Anyways, to make different flavoured naans just add the extra ingredient in the first step. e.g. for garlic flavoured naans, add 1 clove of garlic. For coriander naan, add coriander.. so on and so forth. Maybe i should try chocolate naans.. *idea* :)

The curry was a success only that the chicken balls were a wee too big and the flavour didn't really seep through. Darn! the naans? it's okay... plain.. tasteless but great with the curry. I'll seriously try chocolate naans next time.. muahaha! Back to my ORGANOMETALLIC review...

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Anonymous said...

The way you made it... I am guessing it will taste like chicken bolognaise topping for spaghetti...

msugarn, tell me if I am right?