Sunday, April 27, 2008

馒头 ♪♫ mán tou (Part II)

Had another try with the steamed buns today. I've substituted half of the flour with mashed sweet potato this time.. on top of that i've doubled the kneading time, trying my best to make my dough as smooth as possible.. I've also increased the setting time by 5 mins..

Took much effort to make everything as homogeneous as possible, as pretty as possible.. and the product? NOT BAD AT ALL! the buns tasted sweet (of cos! i've added sweet potatoes) the colour is a nice yellow and the texture.. GOOD! heehee.. i'm flushed with excitement.. got itono to taste it and it was confirmed.. it's good.. muahaha~

How i wish my skin could be that smooth and glowy.. damn.. i'm jealous of buns

~yummy yumyum~

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