Saturday, April 26, 2008

Ultimate Chewy Double Chocolate Cookie

(It's a tiring Friday)~ Got my new mixer this morning-Kitchenaid. By word of mouth, it's more powerful and suitable for heavy duty mixing such as bread dough or other tougher dough. Ha~ and the more important part is that i got it at a promotional price.. saved $300 by the way.. keke. So with the help of my new machine, i baked double chocolate cookie!!! I personally swear by Valrhona Chocolate, so went to do some chocolate shopping before going to clementi to meet Chris to buy the organometallic text. Seems like oragnometallic is a never ending story by itself. First the review, then the lecture notes/textbook/syllabus to study for exams and finally 2 literature studies which i haven't even downloaded yet. What is dear Ms Zhao thinking? We are not doing our masters' or whatsoever, so why the overloading?!?! *Sigh* I really have no mood for it.

Anyways, we went to clementi bookshop and couldn't find the book that we wanted. So we have to go all the way back to NUS to get the text. The text is not cheap, and it's really not worth it thinking that we are graduating soon and we really have no interest in organometallic stuff unlike Jiaen. So, we performed some magic *it shall remain as a secret between us.. hee..* and got what we wanted for $5. How did we do it? THINK!

Satisfied with our evil *accomplishments* we went back home and i started preparing for my COOKIES! It's not the traditional kind.. it's suppose to be chewy and soft. My recipe was from a collection of America's Premier Chocolate Maker. I didn't really like the way they list their ingredients. e.g. 1 cup of packed all-purpose flour. hmm... see the problem? my definition of packed may not be the same as theirs... so to me it's not baker friendly. i would prefer them to state the weight? grams? ounce? anything.. but lightly/tightly packed? ermm... as a chem student we read our burette to the 2nd decimal place leh!

*sigh* and the worst part is after recalculating the ingredients that i need.. ( i'm planning to use 1 packed of chocolate plates but recipe requires 1.5 times.. so i have to scale down the ingredients) i realize that i need 2.3 eggs. Darn.. i'm not going to put 2 eggs.. cos that will make my cookie dry and i'm certainly not going to waste 0.7 egg(s).. for the reason that many people are starving now.. (actually i shouldn't even be stating any reason.. wasting food is BAD!) plus 0.7 egg(s) is not worth the time to heat another pan--> scramble--> remove from pan --> clean pan.. so i added all three eggs into my mixture.. turned out that my cookie became too soft.. *sigh* i had a bad feeling about it.. and yes.. it was confirmed by sheena.. BUT! looking on the brighter side, it's really chocolatey.. the way i like it.. haha! i'm a chocolate fan! i think most girls are..

By the way, this series of photos were taken with a lousier camera. The one that i like to use was taken by my dad to a forest to take pictures of trees...tsk tsk.. Good cameras are really a cook/baker wanabe's best friend. It can make mediocre appear delicious and okay food look like delicacy of the year. Not that my cookings rely on good cameras, they really have standard one k~~

Hmmm.. But i guess i shouldn't be complaining. at least there are still pretty pics that i can use right.. keke..Btw, I'm going to have a new "toy" tomorrow.. look forward to my next post!! Now... to study for my organometallic

p/s. Now that i know that there are actually people (other than eric and my anonymous bro) reading my blog.. i really feel motivated to blog more.. heehee..

p/p/s. Dear Chris, we forgot to pay for the grad dinner.. wah lau~ what's wrong with us huh? i thought we mentioned it twice in the morning and we still forgot about it.. Damn..


chrisXcross said...

eh, nice cookies! haha too bad i never got to try ANY of the "delicacies" on this blog. yes i know, the muffins but that's not featured here.

anyway, haha i think we were too overwhelmed by our evil accomplishments, so we totally forgot about the grad dinner! oops! =P

mengni said...

I will first need to solve the problem of 2.3 eggs.. haha~ then i can improvise and have you taste it!

for the grad dinner, i guess we'll pay for it on mon..

Iayb said...


When we mentioned packed, it should be your version of 'lightly' packed. Pardon me for saying this, but why would you even consider 'tightly' packed an option?

Valrhona - Great choice! But I've used it more for brownies (with ice creams) so far to balance the slight bitterness (as all REAL chocolate should be).

Great blog. Keep it up.

mengni said...

Dear iayb,

Thanks for the comment:) as for the lightly/tightly packed thingy, i've come across online recipes that states "heavily packed" it's just something that i would like to bring up:) hee.. i guess it all boils down to experimenting with our recipes.


Eric said...

i was present when you two were finishing up your 'evil accomplishments'. Haha... luckily i am no saint either. The cookies were nice... hmm...would go well with coffee =) maybe next time when u gonna make again i could brew some.

appropriated.muffin said...

those cookies look SOOOO good!!!
i'm saving up for a kitchenaid mixer... i'm excited to not have to use a dinky hand mixer! Maybe i'll make your cookies as the first thing too!! :)