Sunday, April 20, 2008

Vanilla, Pear & Cinnamon Crumble

Took a break from my organometallic review (see last post) and thought of whipping up something sweet. This recipe was taken off a shelf in Paragon's supermarket, i love that place, i can spend the whole day there:) Anyways, apparently the recipe is by Curtis Stone, host of Discovery Travel & Living's popular TAKE HOME CHEF series. I actually found it amusing that they introduce him as "one of the sexiest man alive voted by US People Magazine" instead of "the greatest chef on earth!" or something. In any case, i was preparing the ingredients and eric came:) So i thought why not make it a couple couple thing and make something together.. sweet things!

Well, as i was showing off my amateur-ish photography skills, eric commented that all my photos look the same-->they are all close ups. Okay, i do agree to a CERTAIN extent (they look nice what).. so i threw him the camera and asked him to show me how pro is he.. and this is what he got..*scrolls down*

okay lah... i agree that the lighting is quite nice, creating this mysterious look. But who the hell will know that it's a pear right! looks more like an orange to me. So after a short meaningless argument, we had decided that we should carry on with the recipe. bleah~

Now allocating who should do what, i gave him the easier job of measuring all the necessary ingredients and Meng Ni will do the harder task of cutting the pear and cutting the extremely hard butter into cubes. The part that i was doing the harder job was proven right after i got a cut on my finger and have to retire from all the "action" to be the "mentor". Eric was doing a pretty good job and without much waiting, the pears were ready to be baked!

I photographed this while applying pressure on my wound.. I learned the art from a jedi

sprinkle on the crumbs *Eric sprinking* ( sprinkling is such a sissy word)

And the pears were ready to be baked! Btw, I added another 50g of flour and reduced the butter by 30g. How can it be possible to make crumbs from so little flour and so much butter?!?! *sigh* it's probably possible since he's voted the sexiest man alive.. Darn!

Mama frying her improvised tomato scrambled eggs while eric was busy sprinkling..(what's taking him so long?)

After baking for 40mins, we can finally call it a day and taste our product:) Btw again, the recipe says bake for an hour, but my crumbs were browning like mad threatening to be burnt anytime, so i took it out at the 40th min.

I was having doubts about this recipe at first, but it turns out pretty nice, it's really not too sweet and the crumbs are really crispy and tasty:) Probably the sexiest man alive do know how to cook and be sexy at the same time with a little change here and there. If anyone comes across this recipe, i've added 3 sticks of cinnamon sticks and sprinkled on grounded cinnamon to make the taste stronger. I've also used muesli mix with raisins instead of the old-fashioned oats. They're premixed and i think it's tastier that way:)
now, back to my review...


Eric said...

Behind all the beautiful pictures of delicious food is a pool of blood, the Chef's blood. Haha... hope your finger will recover soon. Luckily you have good instinct not follow the recipe or else we will be eating carbon. *Clap clap* C'mon Man Utd!! Let's beat Barca!

mengni said...

yah.. lesson learnt.. i'll let you do the cutting next time.. heehee:)