Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Story Begins with... Creamy broccoli Soup

Being done with school and too lazy to apply for jobs.. I am literally rotting at home.. so i thought.. why not blog? haha~

Anyways, while pondering what to be on my first blogpost, the spirit of my honours project started swimming in my mind ( I still have a final presentation this tues!!). And this gave me the idea of my first post..keke ==> Since my project is based on a cancer suppressant, i thought.. "prevention is better then cure" right... so I looked up the internet and found several anti-cancer food.. and one of them? the BROCCOLI! aka Meng Ni's most hated vege.

I never liked crunchy vegs and certainly not this stalky, tree-like plant. But! There's always a first right.. Of course i'm not goin to just boil and consume it without any processing lah. So I thought of making soup out of it! haha.. and the creamy broccoli soup was born! I spent the whole morning preparing and cooking and this is what I've got!

I think it looks okay.. and the taste? I finished two bowls! muahaha~ I feel a healthier now! nah~ Back to my presentation slides~

A little infomation i found online:

Broccoli's deep-green color signals the presence of plenty of beta-carotene. This precursor to Vitamin A is known as an antioxidant. In the body, antioxidants put the brakes on molecules called free radicals, tough guys who wander about causing invisible damage that eventually leads to aging and increased risk for chronic diseases like cancer.

In addition to its vitamin content, Broccoli boasts at least four kinds of phytochemicals, cancer fighters in food that are neither vitamins nor minerals. With names like sulforaphane, phenethyl isothiocyanate, monoterpene, and indole, you might not believe that these are natural ingredients. But in fact, these tongue-twisting, health-enhancing compounds are abundant in nature.

Unproved speculated benefits
  • Protects against pollutants.
  • Protects against radiation damage to cells.
  • "Detoxifies" body.
  • "Purifies" blood.
  • Protects against cancer

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Eric said...

wow~ after tasting your soup, I do feel really heathier already. Ok, i drank 4 bowls of the brocolli soup.. my skin might grow green pigments soon..(don't wanna see me angry anytime =P)so when will be your next entry Head Chef? can't wait.